Welcome On Board / The Iron Lady

We are happy to announce that we have a new partner among us at MottoWasabi since last year. And what a powerhouse she is! Let’s meet her:

Satu-Mari Jansson – our Lead Service Designer - is a pro in behavioural sciences. She has worked on business development and coaching over a decade. Besides working, she’s putting the final touches to her doctoral thesis at Helsinki University as we speak.

In addition to project managing, Satu-Mari’s strengths lie in collecting & understanding user experience data and consequently producing innovative ideas that best support the needs of the users. A typical project includes finding out the specific needs of different user groups in for example an office space or a customer service area, and managing the design team to ensure a great & functional end concept. Satu-Mari also conducts development researches on customers’ service businesses, applying customer-based development methods and different measurement tools of customer experience. 

And what else. Well, she works, talks & laughs with endless energy, loves her champagne and can manage a vigorous horse with the same grace as a difficult designer. We wish you welcome and look forward to lots of adventures together!