Making of / Exhibition Design

Our office does quite a lot of exhibition architecture. We especially loved designing this exhibition because of two things - the subject & the space. The building is a 150-year-old train station that quietly sits next to the busy transport hub of Tikkurila. The subject is, as mentioned in the previous post, the past 10 000 years of Finnish design. 

Before the exhibition space was quite dark and full of things. We wanted first and foremost to strip the room of everything else and let the beautiful window & architecture take its rightful place. There are loads of objects in this exhibition and our solution was to display them in simple boxes lit from below, as if they were jewels in a jewelry shop. The ancient and modern objects are placed side by side with no distinction. The colors used were white & black with accents of light green, the glow of magenta and the copper of the pipes.

We were aiming at a light and gallery-like feel, which - according to the comments we received yesterday - pleased the customer very much. Many thanks to the whole team at Vantaa City Museum!

The exhibition is open until 31st of December 2012. Hertaksentie 1, 01300 Vantaa. Tuesday-Friday 11-18, Saturday-Sunday 11-16. Welcome!