International Recognition.

We presented a few objects at Vivero’s stand during this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. It’s always nice be noticed and appreciated for what you do. So we were happy to find out that our friend had stumbled upon this year’s highlights that included our furniture. Still, some of the things were a bit confusing. The acoustic wall panel ‘Päre’ got deserved attention, but the other designer was mentioned as Anna Salomen instead of Salonen. 'Salonen’ can be roughly translated as 'a small forest’ whereas 'Salomen’ would be something like the men from the town of Salo (the main heroin center of the country). Well, why not. It sounds more artsy, a bit like Salome. We’ll keep that in mind!

Hanabi sofa was also noticed. For some reason they thought it was Visio chair (by Simo Heikkilä and Yrjö Wiherheimo) from the 80’s. I guess we should only be honored to be mixed up with such gurus of Finnish design. And anyways, they considered the sofa to be 'still fun and relevant’. That’s nice!

Photos by Mimi Hui. For the website: 'Click’ and 'Click’

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