Dreams in Helsinki.

“Step into the Helsinki of your dreams! 

Come in from the twilight of the winter to a picnic on a green grass field alone or with your beloved and share your dreams in an interactive media installation. Play a game of chess in the park and follow the little teddy’s footsteps, which lead you to view Helsinki from a height of a few centimeters. 

In the Dreams in Helsinki exhibition, the artists have created works of art based on the dreams of the citizens. The exhibition uncovers the collective nature of the dreams and shows that dreams can be helpful in correcting flaws in our living environment.

Curator of the exhibition is Laura Köönikkä. Artists are  Minna Alaluusua, Sampsa Indrén, Mirkka Kallio, Teemu Mäki & Ipana Collective, Kia Taegen, Meri Tikkala, Martta Tuomaala and Laura Voipio.”

Text by Virka Gallery. The amazing painting ‘Hello Kitty’ and photo by Sampsa Indrén. Exhibition architecture by MottoWasabi.

Facebook events here and here. More information here.

The exhibition is open until 13th of January in the Helsinki City Hall.