Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

mottoWASABI Ltd. designed a spatial & brand concept for ELY Centre’s 15 customer service areas in Finland. The pilot space in Mikkeli opened in the Spring of 2011. The brand wall takes its inspiration from an old Finnish wood handling technique. The space also includes a custom made sound world representing the different fields of ELY’s services (by Marko Nyberg, e.g. Huscy Rescue).

There’s an article about the whole process and customer experience in Senate Properties’ magazine Kontrahti (starting from page 18). We were pleased to hear comments like “The change in the physical environment also brought along a change in the working culture of the whole office.” and “There was really no need to make additional changes, because the design was thought through carefully and we didn’t have to question the choices.” (Matti Lappalainen, ELY).

In collaboration with Workspace Oy, Senate Properties, Ministry of Employment and the Economy & ELY. Photos: Ville Palonen.